This family have been growing olives since 1943.

Grampians Olive Co is a family-owned certified-organic olive producer located in the Grampians region of western Victoria. The area has a climate similar to the Mediterranean, making it ideal for growing olives. First planted in 1943 and originally known as Toscana Olives, the grove here now has more than 28,000 trees, all grown using sustainable farming practices, free from pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilisers. Among the varieties are some that are relatively rare in Australia, including Verdale and Bouquettier. The grove’s low-density, dryland planting method results in a low yield, but the quality and flavour of the fruit is excellent. “Our beautiful organic olives produce some of the finest organic cold-pressed, unrefined, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil in Australia,” says owner Greg Matthews. “We’re very proud of it and the fact that it’s loved by both chefs and families all across the country.” An emphasis on quality over quantity means all GOCoil is bottled by hand in small batches, ensuring maximum freshness, while table olives are handpicked and immediately brined to ensure freshness and flavour. The flavours used in the company’s infused oils – truffle, herbs, blood orange, garlic – areorganictoo, keeping the standard and sustainability of the range impeccable. 


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