An elegant, sustainable go-to in the fine-dining kitchens of Victoria.

Yarra Valley Caviar is an Australian-owned and -operated business, unique in its field, that produces sustainably grown, hand-harvested Atlantic salmon and trout roe. Located in the Yarra Valley region north-east of Melbourne, this freshwater acquaculture business is one of only a handful in the world to naturally sedate and hand-milk their fish, a process that leads to big, round, plump eggs of a beautiful orange hue. The fish are reared with plenty of room to move and without the use of antibiotics or chemicals. “We have a keen emphasis on looking after the fish and treating them really well,” says co-owner Nick Gorman. Yarra Valley Caviar’s farms are gravity fed by pristine alpine river systems and powered by solar, so the sustainability element runs throughout the caviar process, from hatchery to harvest. The result is a superb tasting roe, bright and flawless and salted with premium Olsson’s Australian salt. The possibilities of the product are almost endless, says Nick. “I’ve seen it used on oysters, on hors d’oeuvre, mixed through a pasta or added to eggs or salad.” A firm favourite with Australian chefs, Yarra Valley Caviar is now shipped all over the world, a great ambassador for Aussie quality and sustainability know-how.


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