Drink This Now: Vino Intrepido ‘Inherited Trait’ Metodo Ancestrale Lambrusco

Published on 21 January 2022

Photo: Carlo Grossi with the Vino Intrepido Inherited Trait Metodo Ancestrale Lambrusco (credit: Jana Langhorst)

Vino Intrepido ‘Inherited Trait’ Metodo Ancestrale Lambrusco 

Carlo Grossi on his favourite unfiltered, Italian-style Victorian bubbles.

Not all lambruscos are created equal, and Carlo Grossi has the bottle to prove it. “Lambrusco isn’t a widely seen variety outside of Italy”, says Grossi, “and this bottle is a very exciting style”. 

Vino Intrepido are leveraging the climate similarities between Italy and Australia to make some of the most exciting Italian varieties in the southern hemisphere. Their ‘Inherited Trait’ Metodo Ancestrale Lambrusco is made using the traditional method where the wine finishes fermenting in the bottle, making for an unfiltered, unfined and cloudy drop; a delicious expression of the Italian sparkling red produced in the same way as your favourite pét nats. “There’s something so appealing about the rustic side of Italian food and wine,” says Grossi. "Things don't need to be super-refined to create a special experience.”

This bottle can be seen on many of the Grossi Group wine lists, and you’ll find it flowing freely at Ombra. It’s here that Grossi would suggest you grab a glass (or bottle) alongside a plate of duck salumi and a spicy 'nduja pizza: the perfect way to acquaint – or reacquaint – yourself with the wonderful world of lambrusco.

Vino Intrepido 'Inherited Trait' Metodo Ancestrale Lambrusco, $27.99, available online here.

By Claire Adey

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