This ex-Lune chef is rocking Melbourne with boxes of exquisite pastries

Published on 13 October 2020

Even in lockdown, the sweet life still finds a way.

How would you like a box of cakes delivered to your door? Audrey Allard is here to make it happen. The pastry chef, an “OG” alumna of Laura and Pt Leo Estate, sharpened her Viennoiserie skills at Lune before making the leap in Lockdown 2.0 into running her own pastry business, Holy Sugar. And it’s a damned fine thing that she did.

For a mere $45 – peanuts in the fancy-cake business – she’ll drop a box of her latest creations to you on a Saturday. Inside the box could be a passionfruit sponge or a burnt-honey doughnut, its glaze set to an impossible gloss. Allard covers her chocolate and rum brownie with a confident, gravity-defying swiggle of ganache and then dots it with segments of freeze-dried mandarin, sour-sweet and crunchy. Her Basque cheesecake surrenders with a gentle sigh, while her take on the Wagon Wheel is speckled with sea salt, with a heart of blueberry. It’s very good stuff.

Allard now works out of the kitchen at Worksmith, delivering within a 10km radius of its Collingwood HQ, with a bonus delivery suburb added each week. She shares the details of the week’s box each Tuesday on Holy Sugar’s Instagram feed, takes orders till Thursday and then sends out the goodies each Saturday.

Holy Sugar’s customers aren’t the only ones enjoying Allard’s pastries. With the assistance of Daniel De Manno at Black Barrow, who has been donating the boxes since Holy Sugar began in early August, she also delivers 120 portions each fortnight to St Mary’s House of Welcome, the shelter on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy.

A pastry business of her own had been part of Allard’s plans, but in what is now becoming a familiar 2020 refrain, the circumstances of lockdown life in Melbourne bumped up her timeline more than a few notches. Here’s to silver linings.

Holy Sugar dessert boxes are $45, and delivery is $5. Order via direct message Tuesday to Thursday for Saturday delivery on Audrey Allard’s Instagram account, @holysugar__.