The team from Attica are sharing recipes for drinks and snacks you can easily make at home. Chef and owner, Ben Shewry kicks things off with this classy number that’s as retro as they come.

“Don’t judge me because I’m asking you to make a jelly from a packet,” he says.

“That would be unwise. Save your judgement until later in the night when you are sitting in the comfort of your disco lounge – cocktail in one hand, Champagne and strawberry jelly in the other – and you think, hell! Lockdown life isn’t so bad.”

Makes 2


1 x 85g packet Aeroplane strawberry jelly
300ml cold Champagne or sparkling wine
6 small strawberries, green stem removed and quartered lengthways
6 small mint leaves


1. Pour jelly crystals into a bowl. Bring 150ml water to the boil, pour it over the jelly crystals and stir until they’re completely dissolved. Add cold Champagne and stir well. Skim off any foam.

2. Place strawberry quarters into your favourite glass and pour the jelly over them. Place in the fridge for 2-3 hours or until it’s set. Finish by placing mint leaves on top.