Reporting live from the intersection of rap, graffiti and fashion, Posseshot’s Mr.Muscles and KHA aren’t just part of the fabric of Melbourne hip-hop, they’re two of its most crucial exponents.

It begins with their music, undeniably: timeless city boom bap that picks up where naughties Melbourne dons like Tornts and Lyrical Commission left off. But it’s a close relationship with the Melbourne hospitality scene and their status as a bona fide streetwear powerhouse that makes them indispensable to the culture; you’d put the house on a Posseshot merch drop selling out minutes, such is the galvanizing effect of their panther logo.

Arms outstretched from atop the train that crowns seminal hip-hop burger joint, Easey’s, here’s Posseshot on where they get the flavour up in Melbourne.

We know we’re in Melbourne when we’re exiting a laneway after leaving Section 8, joining the waves of people navigating the night streets. Laughing with friends as we decide whether to head to grab a feed at Butcher’s Diner, kick back on the roof at Siglo or continue on into the belly of the beast at any number of twilight locations all within a stone’s throw.

Throughout the night we would’ve spoken to people from a wide variety of creative backgrounds and disciplines, and each one has a tale to tell: of ups and downs in their own unique endeavours, all in the search of what Melbourne has to offer.

Our defining food moment in Melbourne was having a New York-style chopped cheese named after us at the famed Easey’s in Collingwood, a place that reflects both our roots and Melbourne City culture. You can’t really beat eating a Possechop inside a train on the roof of a building, plus they also sell classic Aussie dim sims.

The best new thing we’ve found is the Music Room at Her is a hidden gem, with Revolver’s resident DJ HansDC always putting down great sets right in the heart of the city. DJ Jnett is the music director there, and she’s always got it lined up. It’s a full sound-locked room and it gets pumping in there. Vinyl only, too.

When we want to push the boat out on a meal, we head straight to the dock at Arbory Afloat on a nice arvo to indulge in some al fresco Aperol Spritzes and pizza while we lounge in the huts next to the newly renovated pool. The atmosphere is lively and always moving with good vibrations, brought to you by some of Melbourne’s best DJs.

Sometimes we like to go and get oysters and drink cream soda and Burn City rum at Golden Fleece. The joint feels like Mykonos and it’s a good time in there. But late-night you can find us at an underground speakeasy run by someone called “Sniffy Whiffies” drinking expensively and playing mahjong late into the night.

There’s no better value in Melbourne than a nostalgic classic: Kim Sing chicken steak on rice – $10 and quick and easy when we are on the move in the city. Or you could cruise to Soi 38 for a boat noodle. The city has plenty of cheap and delicious options. If you want to step it up, Frankie’s Tortas and Tacos is the spot; check out the al pastor and wash it down with a horchata.

And when we want to dazzle friends from out of town, we like to take them on a wide-ranging mission through some spicy locations that we cannot disclose here for security reasons, but it would usually involve some beers at Skydiver Records followed by some cocktails and a warm welcome from Jack Shaw at Hope St Radio and the amazing DJs they have coming through. Either way, they’ll see a side of Melbourne not usually divulged to the uninitiated.

In the mornings you’ll find us discussing global domination while rocking a grilled cheese and some of the finest coffee Melbourne has to offer at Path in North Melbourne. This place is for the coffee scientists and always has a new flavour or blend for you to try out each week, and it’s become a hub for some of our favourite musicians and artists.

Our local is 100 per cent Section 8, so we better get a tab there when they read this. We love chillin’ there; they always have mad music pumping. It’s got great ambience and you never know who’s gonna roll past ’cause it’s in the heart of the city – it’s a great Melbourne City rendezvous point. Another good spot is Rooftop Bar, we’ve had a lot of good memories up there and it’s good to swing past the PAM store and have a chat on the way up. We also throw a lot of Posseshot events at Two Wrongs in South Yarra, which has a really nice modern kitchen and is a must-scope if you’re on Chapel Street and up for some Stripper Martinis.

If we could change one thing about eating and drinking here it would be making more use of the city’s rooftops and outdoor spaces to bring life into the streets. And more laneway parties and festivals incorporating our creative culture and arts. We really have what it takes to show the world we are the best, so let’s do it. 

But the one thing we hope never changes in Melbourne is the creative culture that keeps us inspired, in which everyone is doing something unique. It’s the acceptance of different cultures and the embrace of diversity that makes us unique. Never change. The fresh Melbourne City style’s always evolving!

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