Behind the scenes at MasterClass

Published on 14 March 2014

Photo: Daniel Mahon

Holmesglen’s Commercial Cookery students help bring the Langham Melbourne MasterClass program to life, as well as gaining life-changing hands-on kitchen experience with the Festival’s visiting international chefs. The Festival’s TAFE partner, Holmesglen, asked one of their Certificate III in Commercial Cookery students to write a blog based on their experiences in the kitchens at The Langham, Melbourne.

Jacklyn Swiecicki is studying Commercial Cookery at Holmesglen, is also a food blogger (The Loving Cook) and had an inspiring day working behind the scenes at Langham Melbourne MasterClass:

“Waiting outside the steps of the Langham Hotel on a chilly Melbourne morning is how my first few hours were spent being inducted as an apprentice chef for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival's coveted Langham Masterclass series. Honestly, being able to participate in this event is one of the main reasons I undertook studying Cookery and Hospitality at Holmesglen.

“When I was in the kitchen my first task was prepping a massive bag of fresh horseradish for James Stapley's former sous chef, Jethro Vincent from Whare Kea Lodge & Chalet in New Zealand. Vincent is soon to head up a new restaurant in Bali.

“Then it was into prepping leeks and cleaning about 5kg of fresh prawns...stinky but fulfilling work.

The kitchen is peacefully calm and controlled on day one all in preparation for the controlled chaos that is soon to come.

“Italian chef Luigi Taglienti, from one-Michelin-starred Il Ristorante Trussardi in Milan, patiently prepares fresh sardines while development chef Petros Dellidis from Maha in Melbourne teaches me how to infuse honey with fresh rosemary that he plans to stir tapioca through. I plan to try that dish out at home, sounds like heaven.

“The patience required to navigate around a kitchen with so many chefs trying to fulfil their own duties to stay on track is a lesson learnt.”

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