Hi, My Name Is: Scott Lord

Published on 8 April 2021

Photo: Scott Lord, third from the left, with the New Quarter team (credit: Josh Robenstone)

Scott Lord has cooked at some of Melbourne’s best restaurants, and has now landed at New Quarter, where the kitchen uses a palette of ingredients common to Vietnamese cooking and an array of techniques from the European tradition.

You might remember me from such establishments as Cumulus Inc., Tokyo Tina and Sunda.

I’ve been cooking for 11 years in total, six in Melbourne.

My brief for my new gig at New Quarter is to shake up the previous fast-paced Hanoi Hannah style, and turn the menu on its head.

And I’m passionate about creating a menu where the next dish is nothing like the last. I’d like our cooking to stand out for its restraint, for the thought we put into our methods, and for a plating style that is free of superfluous garnishes.

Which means I’ll be cooking things like whipped chicken pâté, crisp chicken skin, and pickled cucumber sandwiched between pieces of tiger bread, and our 14-hour braised short-rib, coated in a burnt-chilli nuoc mam and charred betel leaves.

I’d like you to come in and see us so you can experience a comfortable restaurant with a great vibe, Vietnamese-influenced dishes, local wines and cocktails.

And if there’s one thing I don’t want you to leave without trying, it’s the barramundi that we marinate in turmeric, fish sauce, spring onion and dill, char on the hibachi and bake. The barramundi is served on a salad of dill, spring onion and chives and splashed with a generous amount of burnt-butter nuoc mam. It’s super-rich, spicy, sweet, salty and nutty.

New Quarter, 79 Swan St, Richmond, @newquarter_. Book your table via newquarter.hanoihannah.com.au, Want more? Follow Scott Lord’s adventures on Instagram at @scott__lord

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