Melbourne's Best Snacks: American Doughnut Kitchen's jam doughnuts

Published on 3 September 2021

Photo: Doughnuts from American Doughnut Kitchen (illustration: Juliet Sulejmani, The Juliet Report)

The 70-year-old doughnut van parked at the Queen Victoria Market is the embodiment of doing just one thing and doing it well.

The family business was started by friends Arnold Bridges and Dave Christie in 1950, and it’s become deeply embedded in Melbourne life in the decades since: a visit to the market isn’t complete without a bag of hot jam doughnuts.

General manager Belinda Donaghey is Bridges’ granddaughter, and she says that just as their business has passed down through generations, she’s seen long-time visitors to the van bringing the next generation of customers.

Although the shop is named American Doughnut Kitchen, the recipe for the golf ball-sized pastries is actually German in origin. The dough is mixed off-site at a factory, then brought to the van early each morning to prove.

Peek through the windows to watch staff efficiently shaping, frying, filling, dusting and stuffing the hot, oozing morsels into bags. There’s always a queue – and for good reason – but the hot, fresh doughnuts with warm raspberry-plum jam are worth the wait.

American Doughnut Kitchen, outside I Shed, Queen Victoria Market, 470 Queen St. Melbourne,

By Chynna Santos

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