Recipe: Native Botanicals Martini

Published on 15 April 2014

Photo: Daniel Mahon

An intimate group of guests enjoyed the ultimate foodie’s day out on the Bellarine Peninsula for the Festival’s Water Masterclass on 15 March over the Regional Weekend.

Starting the day with an outing on the Sea Bounty with Lance Wiffen for an up-close look at a working mussel farm, guests also enjoyed a fish smoking workshop on the banks of Lake Connewarre with Aaron Turner, and masterclasses with Nathan Outlaw and Peter Gilmore.

It was not only the food that embraced the Festival's theme of water, the indulgent four-course lunch was beautifully styled by the gurus at Bright Young Things and celebrated the local environment with an abundance of native foliage by Cecilia Fox, beakers used as vessels on the table, coloured plates hand-crafted by Marguerite Dore, fishing baskets suspended from the trees, and playful staff uniforms. 

For a taste of the Water MasterClass experience Bright Young Things have shared their Native Botanicals Martini recipe so you can recreate a little seaside magic at home.

Native Botanicals Martini


  • 15ml Australian herbal liqueur (we use one from the Tamborine Mountain Distillery) – a well-balanced blend of lemon myrtle, aniseed myrtle, native peppermint and eucalyptus
  • 45ml West Winds “The Cutlass” gin
  • 5ml lemon juice
  • Slice of desert lime
  • 1 medium sprig samphire
  • Ice


In a stirring glass add the desert lime and samphire.
Press with the bottom of a bar spoon to release flavour.
Add liqueur, gin and lemon juice.
Top with ice.
Stir thoroughly for slightly longer than a classic martini.
Double strain into a champagne saucer.
Stir saltbush stick through the drink and lay on the side of glass as a garnish.

For more photos of the day visit The Guardian.

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