What to order at Dairy Flat Farm

Published on 18 November 2019

Photo: Doughnuts at Dairy Flat Farm

Your inside word on the new bakery at Dairy Flat Farm from head baker Michael James.

Just when you thought Daylesford couldn’t get any tastier, along comes Dairy Flat Farm. A key feature of this new boutique farmstay from the Wolf-Tasker family, of Lake House fame, is the bakery run by the Michael James, who founded the much-loved Tivoli Road Bakery with his wife Pippa in Melbourne in 2013. Dairy Flat Lodge will offer its guests a wake-up call of the most enviable kind in the form of baguettes, croissants and, yes, those Tivoli Road doughnuts when the doors open next month. For now, you can get your hands on Michael’s baked goods if you’re lucky enough to be staying at Lake House, or else stroll up to Wombat Hill House café in the centre of town. Here’s what Michael is rolling, proving and shaping right now.

What are you baking that’s quintessentially Dairy Flat Farm?

Currently it’s our slow-fermented baguettes and sourdough loaves. We’re committed to slow fermentation at Dairy Flat Farm, using a continuous process that takes roughly three days. It’s definitely worth it. In the future we’ll play with some fruit bread, which will be proved in the long underground cellar connecting the Bake House with the Lodge at Dairy Flat Farm. It needs a constant cool temperature, so this space is perfect. Can you imagine the smell of freshly baked fruit loaf for guests waking up at the Lodge?

It’s 8am, I’m hungover and I need a miracle. Can you help?

My vote is for a hot, freshly baked doughnut with a good espresso. You can also get a seriously delicious Bloody Mary at Wombat Hill House.

I’m a regular. What have you got for me?

We’re experimenting on weekends with loaves of miche, fruit bread and sesame whole-wheat. And in the lead-up to Christmas, there’ll be mince pies, gingerbread and panettone. Keep an eye on #DFFdailybake or follow @dairyflatfarmdaylesford and @wombathillhouse to see what else is new.

I’m more of a savoury person. What’s in the cabinet?

Fresh baguettes filled with tasty things like hummus, avocado and bean sprouts – perfect for vegetarians and vegans. There are also options layered with shavings of prosciutto and poached chicken.

Let’s go big. Let’s go crazy. What have you got for me?

Borrow a picnic basket from Wombat Hill House café, fill it with delicious items and take it to the Botanic Gardens in Daylesford. The gardens are beautiful and Wombat Hill House is right there in the middle of it all. I recommend a sourdough pizza, fresh salad and pastries like the beautiful pain au chocolate. Stretch out under those enormous heritage trees and enjoy this beautiful part of the world.

And what’s the number-one item for a sweet tooth?

A well-made doughnut is just awesome. We only use the best ingredients (that’s key!) and ferment the dough over 24 hours. That gives the light and airy centre you’re looking for. At the moment, we’re loving a classic custard filling but we also just received plenty of rhubarb from Dairy Flat Farm so stay tuned for those.

Dairy Flat Farm Lodge opens in December. dairyflatfarmdaylesford.com.au 

The café at Wombat Hill House is open daily. Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens, enter from Central Springs Rd, Daylesford, (03) 7017 5999, wombathillhouse.com.au

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