What to order at Yulongfu

Published on 16 July 2021

Photo: Xiaolongbao from Yulongfu (photo: Griffin Simm)

A century-long family legacy of crafting juicy dumplings continues in the heart of the CBD.

Yong and Emily Liu take great pleasure in serving up expertly hand-pleated xiaolongbao at their Bourke Street eatery, Yulongfu. As heirs to a signature 117-year-old xiaolongbao recipe and with generations of Chinese culinary expertise behind them, this husband-and-wife team take their steamed buns very seriously. Their striking, charcoal-dyed black truffle and pork xiaolongbao makes apparent their dedication to the craft. Be guided by the Lius as they talk us through the menu at Yulongfu.

How about a drink?
Tea can be enjoyed at any hour of the day. Relax with a warm cup of our traditional pu’er from Yunnan province. It’s a fermented tea that carries a variety of health benefits and pairs well with any sweet, spicy or salty Chinese meal. 

Which of the dishes on the menu best captures the essence of Yulongfu?
Unique to our collection of family recipes, our black truffle and pork xiaolongbao shows our expertise in folding 16 perfect pleats. This technique ensures a thin, tender dumpling with a neat -as-a-pin gathering at the top. 

The recipe is over 117-years-old and we take great pride in creating picture-perfect and satisfyingly delicious, tender pork dumplings encased in a black truffle wrapper. Steamed and served piping hot, they’re best eaten straight from basket to mouth. 

When on the run, dive into a basket of pan-fried or steamed dumplings and wontons, our steamed buns or signature xiaolongbao. Dial up the heat with our spicy chilli sauce or keep it simple with a traditional soy and vinegar mix. 

Got anything light and fresh? 

For something light that still packs a chilli punch, try the prawns or pipis with our XO sauce and a side of cucumber with smashed garlic. 

I like tasty food but I don’t eat animals. 

No worries at all! You can’t go wrong with our signature pan-fried mixed black fungus, shiitake and vegetable dumplings. Our vegan-friendly sticky bean curd and vegetable claypot or braised eggplant with spicy chilli sauce are great options when you’re feeling extra hungry. 

Let’s go big. Let’s go crazy. What have you got for me? 

Pull together your family and friends and indulge in a night of Shanghainese feasting. Keep it retro with our old-school favourites such as drunken chicken marinated in Chinese wine, sweet and sour pork and chopped crispy skin roast duck. Sizzle black pepper beef at your table and dive into claypots filled with fresh, seasonal vegetables. For a show-stopper that won’t knock your head off with chilli, try our Shanghai-style sweet and sour barramundi, rearing up out of a vermillion-red sauce. 

And to close? 

Let us take your mind and taste buds back to the local Chinese restaurant from your hometown with a classic deep-fried ice cream. We also have steamed egg custard buns, and for the more adventurous diner there’s also our red bean pancake.

Yulongfu, 136 Bourke St, Melbourne, facebook.com/yulongfubuns

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