Summer is here again – and this year it comes in a can. Introducing Lip Service: a Victorian sparkling white wine spritz chock-full with native botanicals. It’s refreshing, it’s picnic-able, and it’s made by some of Melbourne’s best hospitality operators, one of whom is The Lincoln’s very own Iain Ling; here he is now with the skinny on this year’s coolest tinned beverage.

Who are you and what are you all about?
What started as an idea during the long sitdown/lockdown now has its own life, put together by myself, Mac Forbes, chef Matt Wilkinson, Adam Keith of Chandon, designer Rhys Gorgol and Morgan Brady. It’s the ultimate excuse for us to catch up and have a laugh, while still keeping it serious.  

Give us the elevator pitch, what is Lip Service?
Lip Service is about having a catch-up with your mates wherever – in the pub, garden, pool, barbecue at the park, beach or party, as a wedge, in the shower or camping. Basically, it’s the ultimate accessory and it’s the whole story: it’s great at the start, in the middle and definitely at the end.

Explain like we’re five, how do you make it?

We like nice things! You like nice things! We like making nice things! You deserve those nice things! Having one in your hand makes you look good!

It’s not too sweet and not too bitter; it’s nicely balanced with well-sourced ingredients that are real. There’s no fake stuff and no nasties. It’s white wine with delicious juice, blended, spritzed and canned for your enjoyment.

What excites you about this project?
For me, it’s about seeing another part of our industry. Product development is a whole new fun world of possibility. 

What are the perfect conditions to enjoy Lip Service?
When entertaining, when dining, when in company, when in the company of royalty, when listening, when speaking, when in ascendance, when descending, when podcasting, when in atmospheric conditions, in space. You get the idea.

Is it here for a good time or a long time?

We are here for as long as you want! We will be launching new flavours as well, so keep a look out and spread the word.

Where can I buy it?
We are rolling it out now, so ask for it at your independent bottle shops like Blackhearts and Sparrows, Carwyn Cellars and Le Point. If they haven’t got it yet, ask them to We will get it to them ASAP.

Venues? Obviously, it’s at The Lincoln. We’re doing takeaways as well at other places, like Cibi, Morning Market, Yum Sing House, Hats and Tatts CBD, Gerald’s Bar and Bar Thyme in Footscray. Hopefully, we will be everywhere soon – you, the reader, can help with that by asking for some Lip Service when you’re out.,