Aaron Turner at MasterClass 2013

Published on 27 March 2013

Photo: Aaron at Langham Melbourne MasterClass 2013 (Image: Dan Mahon)

Aaron Turner's words at Langham Melbourne MasterClass 2013 as he discusses 'Gathering Greatness'

At Loam we don't tend to use too many recipes. We let the produce guide our cooking and let the weather, the soil and Bruce, our farmer, inform us. Our menu reflects the result of the week spent talking to farmers and producers, working with small quantities and making sure we treat them with respect they deserve.

These items are at the top of our March produce list at Loam: bronze fennel, fish roe, grass, hay, jersey milk, kelp, lemon, onion, Otway shiitake, paperbark, pine tree, pear, potato, quinoa, raw honey, red gum, seaweed, seaside roquette, squab and yoghurt.

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