Blackhearts & Sparrows has released its own beer

Published on 19 May 2022

Photo: Blackhearts & Sparrows' Birra Italian Lager

Blackhearts' debut brew is an easy-drinking Italian lager that takes inspiration from cult classics Peroni and Moretti.

Like most great ideas, the concept for Birra, Blackhearts & Sparrows’ debut brew, came about when the team were faced with a problem. Over the course of the pandemic it became increasingly difficult to source some of their favourite and best-selling Italian beers, an issue that also gave them pause to consider the sustainability of importing international goods. “So,” thought the team, “why don’t we just make our own?” And thus, Birra Italian Lager was brewed.

While there are some products that simply can’t be replicated locally, they found that a classic Italian-style lager could – and who better to brew it than Burnley Brewery: a group of individuals who know their way around a sessionable lager and could produce one at a cheap and cheerful price point.

“We’re a little biased,” said Blackhearts & Sparrows beer buyer Cherry Noble“but it tastes like the best Italian-style lager on the market. We wanted something easy-drinking, crisp, and refreshing that really lets the malt shine through. The quality of ingredients is obvious, but it's not an overly complicated beer. It's the sort of beer that you could take to a park, house party, or dinner party, and everyone would enjoy it.” 

You can purchase Birra Italian Lager at all Blackhearts & Sparrows stores and online from Friday 20th May.

By Claire Adey

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