How to Help: Two Good Co

Published on 13 September 2019

Photo: Ben Shewry's chicken, snake bean and soba noodle salad for Two Good (credit: Petrina Tinslay)

Looking for a way to do your bit? Whether it's feeding people in need or fighting food waste, How To Help puts the spotlight on worthwhile causes that you can get behind. This week: Two Good Co. 

Why we started:

"We started the buy-one give-one social enterprise Two Good as a way to scale a soup kitchen without having to rattle the fundraising tin each year," says founder Rob Caslick. "We were sharing organic meals with about 50 people who were homeless or at risk of homelessness and wanted to grow to share a thousand meals a week. We launched and embarrassingly sold only six soups in our first week. There wasn’t much we could do with six donated soups, but fortunately a women’s safe house accepted them. Through feedback from the safe house and subsequent orders from other women’s houses we learnt our social impact was far greater with women who had experienced domestic violence."

What we do:

"We’re about dignity and self-worth. The main reason we like to collaborate with chefs like Neil Perry, Kylie Kwong and Ben Shewry is that it demonstrates to the women in the safe houses that they are worthy of the absolute best. 

"What’s extra special to us is that all of our food is made by employing (at above award wages) women from the safe houses we serve to make the food. We run a program called Work Work, where the women work for us for four months and we work with them on finding them employment post 4 month contract. We employ based on need and not skills. Many of the women who work with Two Good start with us with very little sense of self-worth. But in our experience, after only about four weeks they start to believe in themselves again. What we’re doing isn’t rocket science: all we do is believe in the person. That’s when the magic happens. 

"We’re also expanded into toiletries, apparel and homewares. We simply survey the safe houses and find out what they need then apply the Two Good model to meet the need. The same concept: you buy a beautiful throw or toiletry pack and we’ll donate one to a woman in a safe house."

How you can help:

"We’re a social enterprise, the best way to help is to buy from us. If you work in the Melbourne or Sydney CBD you can order our lunches or catering for meetings and events. Australia-wide we can send you granola, muesli and anything from our Good Things rage, like toiletries and throws and hoodies."  

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