Jill Dupleix’s top picks for hands-on events

We’ve all experienced a cooking disaster.  Got distracted, left it in the oven too long, didn’t read the recipe properly (or just did it your own way) – all common reasons for the sunken soufflé, soggy pastry, chewy steaks, etc.

Get your hands dirty and learn from the experts with hands-on classes at the Festival.

Here we share Festival friend and food writer, Jill Dupleix’s top picks for hands-on classes.

I love anything that takes us back to the simple pleasures of making your own food.

There has never been so much advanced technology in the world, but real food still comes from somebody’s hands, so my pick of hands on events would be the Spelt, Grains and Fruit Loafworkshop at Convent Bakery; the Discover your Inner Greek workshop which sounds totally fabulous for a Grecophile like me; the brilliant Mozzarella & Co workshop at Scopri, and theBeast on a Block at The Point, because the more we know and respect the animals we eat, the better.

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