Joe Vargetto is putting on a home-delivered degustation for the truffle-obsessed

Published on 19 August 2021

Photo: Joe Vargetto will be delivering his meal boxes across Melbourne (photo: HiSylvia)

How many ways are there to skin a truffle? Joe Vargetto might have a clue in his five-course truffle feast, coming to you for one week only.

When Melbourne’s sixth lockdown kicked in, Joe Vargetto, chef and owner of Italian favourites Mister Bianco and Massi Osteria, suddenly found himself with a pile of truffles originally intended to land on plates in his bustling Kew eatery.

Like many chefs and restaurateurs bearing the brunt of lockdowns, Vargetto has leaned into home delivery. In March last year when the state had just tightened restrictions, he launched the Italian Job delivery service, using a fleet of on-brand Mini Coopers to deliver Mister Bianco’s ready-to-heat Italian all across Melbourne. Now, it’s also where the acclaimed chef has found the answer to his truffle kerfuffle.

Vargetto has designed a not-to-be-missed Truffle Season Finale meal box, a two-person truffle-centric degustation over five courses, a celebration of truffle in all its forms. Orders are open now; pick a day for delivery between 25 and 28 August and The Italian Job will come straight to your door. 

To start, an antipasto of prosciutto with a celeriac salt, truffled green olives, truffle ferment and sfincione. Next, savour a double-baked truffle and Taleggio soufflé, and truffled cacio e pepe with porcini cavatelli. For the main event, you’ll enjoy veal sirloin with a parmesan and truffle crust, then, waiting at the finish line, a truffle cigar with chocolate and truffle ash.

Naturally, there’ll be drinks to match - two in fact. The first, a bottle of Home Grown’s Strawberry and River Mint Spritz that, as Vargetto explains, best complements the feast’s first two courses. The second is a Scorpo Estate Noiren pinot noir from the Mornington Peninsula which pairs nicely with the feast’s final acts.

If truffles are your thing, you won’t want to miss the night of indulgence that Vargetto’s expertly crafted menu offers. With the last of this season’s truffles coming to market, this is quite the way to celebrate their departure.

Truffle Season Finale Meal Box for two, $250 plus delivery, available 25-28 August. Check delivery areas and make your order at

By Jonathan Sasson

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