Miznon at home reviewed

Published on 3 June 2020

The joys of the feast Miznon prepares for each Friday’s Shabbat, the Jewish sabbath, are well-known, and even as the restaurant returns to dine-in trade, it remains a perfectly apt takeaway expression of what Miznon is all about. Our Head of Design Emma Chu gave the feast a spin and can confirm: the eating is just as good.

The order: Shabbat dinner for two, and, because we’re greedy, we also ordered the baby cauliflower, schnitzel Malka and extra challah. It’s available on Fridays only, and the cut-off for ordering is 8pm on Thursday.

The review: The regular Shabbat order from Miznon is indeed a feast. We loved the potato and spinach stew with ricotta salata, a creamy number balanced out by the zing of the pita-studded green salad on the side. And instead of the roast sweet potato usually on the menu, we got the Miznon cabbage cake. The real highlights of the night were the crisp chicken schnitzel Malka (named, I think, for another of the group’s restaurants back in Israel) and tearing off pieces of salt-flecked challah and dipping the bread into the juices of the overnight lamb stew. As we ate, we could almost feel a warm (but physically distant!) hug from the chefs who put it all together.

Price: $134 (for three, including delivery)

Leftover potential: We’re savages who ordered way too much but it did mean all three of us could cherish the leftovers on Saturday, alongside a generous helping of challah.

Pick up or delivery? Both. Delivery is available within a 20km radius of Melbourne CBD, and requires a minimum order of $50 and costs $10. Delivery for orders over $90 is free.

Booze option? You can order booze direct from Miznon including Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin for $60 a bottle. We decided to spread the love and opted for Stomping Ground pale ale from the tap at Old Palm Liquor ($13/L).

Why you should order: Allow me, if I may, to share some samples of our conversation as we ate: “Whoa! Look at all this food!”; “I am seriously impressed at how well this schnitzel has travelled”; “Good god, that lamb smells so good”; and – in a nutshell – “This looks like food from a loving home.”

Order online at miznonaustralia.com.au or call (03) 9670 2861

By Emma Chu

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