WANT: Nabil Ansari's lamb dum biryani

Published on 16 July 2020

Photo: courtesy Nabil Ansari via Instagram

Our social-media food obsessions of the moment.

They say: Lamb dum biryani- slow cooked lamb layered with basmati rice, saffron and herbs. This is a Friday special at the Ansari house back home. My mum would start preparing the biryani early on Friday mornings so it would be just ready after our Friday (Jumma) prayers in the afternoon. The pot lid is sealed with dough to steam the rice. Here we topped the pastry with almonds and pistachio to be mixed in with biryani.

We say: When Victoria first went into lockdown, Sunda chef Nabil Ansari found himself in the predicament of many temporary visa-holders: fewer hours of work, no government support and yet prevented from finding work elsewhere due to the conditions of his visa. So, he got busy making takeaway curries, dhal and more in his apartment, dropping menus in letterboxes to spread the word. Bouverie Kitchen took off and Ansari was soon filling hundreds of orders each week. This time round, Ansari’s lockdown menus are being created in the Hotel Windsor’s kitchen (Sunda is part of The Windsor’s group of restaurants). If this first Friday special is anything to go by, we reckon this is one takeaway menu to keep on high rotation for the next six weeks.

Nabil Ansari’s takeaway menu is available from this week from Hotel Windsor. Order at giftshop.thehotelwindsor.com.au and find out more @nabilansari.

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