Well-oiled cooking

Published on 17 September 2014

It’s the small touches that can lift a dish from great to spectacular, and choosing the appropriate extra virgin olive oil flavour profile for a dish is a sure place to start. To help guide the unfamiliar, Cobram Estate, Australia’s leading producer of olive oil, have given us some tips on matching the delicate notes and flavour intensities of extra virgin olive oil with food.

With delicate ripe fruit and apples notes and a distinct sweetness on the palate, Cobram Estate Light Flavour Intensity is a perfect pair to seafood, chicken and salads, or for stir-frying, baking, sautéing and roasting.

Moving into richer territory, the Classic Flavour Intensity is great for drizzling, dipping, dressing, grilling and roasting. The fresh, green notes and moderate bitterness and flavour make a perfect match with salads, pasta and red meat, or simply for dipping crusty bread.

Full-bodied dishes call for the complex fruity flavour of the Robust Flavour Intensity. The spicy aroma and intense bitterness of this rich oil is best enjoyed drizzled over pasta dishes or vegetables, used as a marinade, incorporated in stews or casseroles, as well as for roasting and barbecued meats.

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