What to order at Soi 10

Published on 15 June 2020

Photo: Dumplings, bao and more favourites are on the Soi 10 menu (credit Griffin Simm)

Your inside word on the menu from chef Michael Lambie.

A trip to the Grosvenor Hotel in St Kilda has become a choose-your-own-adventure experience. Will you collect a pub meal to go, browse the grocery that’s been added to Grosvenor Cellars, or follow your nose to the Southeast Asian kitchen that’s popped up at the end of the bottle-shop’s drive-through? At Soi 10, chef Michael Lambie puts his spin on favourites from Thailand, Malaysia, China and Korea. You might know Lambie’s work from Lucy Liu, The Smith and Circa; expect a similar level of care in this menu, whether you’re getting it to go or propping up one of the tables that’s recently been added now that dine-in trade has resumed. 

These are Lambie’s top picks from Soi 10’s menu. 

How about a drink?

I believe Asian street-food is best served with ice-cold beer so we’ve included pairing suggestions for each dish, whether it’s a porter with rendang or an XPA with prawn dumplings. We’ve also got beer on tap in the drive-through, so you can grab a cold one while you wait for your order, or if beer’s not your thing, you can browse the bottle-shop shelves.

I’m here for a good time not a long time.

For a quick hit, the drunken prawn dumplings with ginger, chilli and spring onion are the way to go. Easy enough to eat in the car and they pack the perfect flavour punch. 

Got anything light and fresh?

Of course! The crisp soft-shell crab with roasted rice and green nahm jim is nice and light, but enough to fill you up. We also have a green papaya salad. The dried shrimp, hot chilli, tomato and peanuts are sure to clear any cobwebs from your tastebuds. 

I like tasty food, but I don’t eat animals.

We’ve just added miso eggplant to the menu and it’s a winner. We fry half an eggplant until the flesh has a creamy texture but the skin has some crunch, then we spread a caramelised miso glaze over the flesh and top it with silken tofu. It comes with a salad of pickled cucumber, pickled ginger, coriander and Vietnamese mint to add some light and vibrant flavours. It's gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan; it ticks all the boxes.

Name the dish that is quintessentially Soi 10.

A menu is always going to have one hero dish, and our beef rendang with rice and toasted coconut has got to be it. The rich flavours and aromatic spices sum up what we’re all about. We think it’s best with a side of our flaky roti and the spiced apple coleslaw. And don’t forget to add Bad Shepherd’s Peanut Butter Porter. These are a limited release and the Bad Shepherd guys were kind enough to save some for us.

Let’s go big. Let’s go crazy. What have you got for me?

I’d suggest ordering banquet style. Start off with secret spiced chicken ribs, and fish cakes with chilli and peanut sauce, followed by one (or more) of our pork buns with crackling. From the larger dishes, you can’t go past the KFC (our Korean fried chicken) with shaker fries, spiced gochujang and Kewpie. Throw in a side of the spiced apple ’slaw and, if you still have room, there’s plenty more to check out on the menu. The best thing about our dishes is that they are all really affordable, so you can feast with your family without breaking the bank. Plus you can never have too many dumplings.

And to close?

Desserts are coming soon; watch this space. 

Soi 10, Grosvenor Hotel drive-through, 10 Brighton Rd, St Kilda East. Tues-Sun 5pm-9pm. soi10.com.au, @_soi10, (03) 9531 1542.

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