Warm vegetables with chicken oysters, foie gras and sweetbreads

Photo: Image: Colin Page

Serves 4


150g sweetbreads
30g white flour 00
100g sweet butter
aromatic herbs
4 escalopes foie gras
4 chicken backs (oysters)
mixed vegetables in season,
e.g. asparagus, zucchini, mushrooms,
artichokes, broccoli, etc.
small salad leaves


Roll the sweetbreads in half the flour,
Stir fry in half the butter and aromatic herbs.
Pan fry the foie gras until lightly brown.
Cook the vegetables with a little butter and water, retaining their textures and leaving them crispy.
Remove the oysters from the back of the chicken with a spoon, roll in remaining flour.
Cook in remaining butter and aromatic herbs.

To assemble
Alternate the vegetables, oysters, foie gras and sweetbreads, finishing with the salad leaves.

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