What to order at Gingergirl

Published on 26 November 2020

Photo: Bao at Gingergirl

The inside word on the menu at Gingergirl, from chef Teage Ezard.

Gingergirl is the beachy new sibling to Teage Ezard’s hit Chinatown diner Gingerboy. She has just arrived at Ocean Beach Pavilion, a family-friendly space in Sorrento that’s home to a variety of great places to eat and drink. Ezard is steering the ship, and here he shares his Gingergirl favourites.

Which dish on the menu is quintessentially Gingergirl?
The Mooloolaba prawn cocktail roll with spicy tomato mayonnaise is a typical of what we celebrate. We’re basing Gingergirl around baos, buns, dumplings, and snacks – it’s all about things that are tasty and fun. With that in mind, too, the salt-and-pepper chicken spareribs with Korean barbecue sauce are a close second.

How about a drink?
The Smoked Blackberry Martini is a must. It was created by the cocktail team at The Emerson with blackberry liqueur and and blackberry jam to give you a real punch of fruit. There’s a good hit of Herradura Reposado tequila in there, and we use apple wood to smoke the glass.

I’d also recommend the Ä€rugurei Sour. Artillery Earl Grey gin, limoncello, lemon juice, sugar syrup, egg white and a torched de-hydrated lemon wheel: fresh and zingy. We also have a great selection of local wines, craft beers, and other delicious and imaginative cocktails, as well as non-alcoholic spritzes and drinks. We want to make sure everyone is well and truly looked after.

I’m here for a good time not a long time.
That’s too easy. I’d be digging straight into any of the steamed dumplings – prawn and ginger with nahm jim, wagyu with smoked Korean red chilli dressing or steamed aromatic pork with roast Sichuan sauce. (All excellent, I might add, with a Ä€rugurei Sour.)

Got anything light and fresh?
We’re putting the final touches on the lightest things on the menu but there’ll be Asian-inspired salads, delivering that crisp, sharp flavour - perfect for hot summer’s days (and nights). Think Crystal Bay prawns with cucumber, white radish, sesame and nuoc cham.  

I like tasty food but I don’t eat animals.
Try a vegan shiitake bun – we fill them with the decadent, velvety, earthy goodness of shiitake mushrooms – they’re packed with umami and served with vegan XO. Or go for a bao stuffed with crisp eggplant, black bean, chilli caramel and fresh coriander.

 Let’s go big. Let’s go crazy. What have you got for me?
How about fresh Mooloolaba prawns, served in buckets by the kilo? I’d be ordering plenty of these – fresh, succulent, sweet and juicy – accompanied by our cocktail sauce. And yep, we sell them to go, too. 

And a sweet finish?
We are all about partnering up with our local friends here, so it’s not going to be just about me. We’re really thrilled to be teaming up with Okay Lucy from Mornington to showcase their gelato and sorbets which will pay tribute to local produce and beloved favourites. Think banana caramel, dulce de leche and wild berry – plus some of the usual suspects such as rum and raisin, Nutella, and honeycomb. If you’re looking for a sweet Southeastern Asian treat, though, you can’t go past the coconut caramel bun – it’s one of my personal favourites

Gingergirl, Ocean Beach Pavilion, 154-164 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento, oceanbeachpavilion.com, @gingergirl_au


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