You can now Afterpay the pub

Published on 3 November 2021

Photo: Steak now, pay later at the College Lawn Hotel.

Punters will now be able to enjoy their favourite pub meal first and pay later, as Australian Venue Co partners with Afterpay to provide an alternative paying method.

‘Dine Now, Pay Later’ launched in 12 New South Wales venues this week, and will roll out to 160 venues across Australia on November 15. 

This will allow customers to pay off purchases in four fortnightly instalments without incurring interest if payments are made on time.

Australian Venue Co will be the first hospitality group in the country to partner with Afterpay, as Australia emerges from a series of nation-wide lockdowns. 

Australian CEO Paul Waterson said in a statement the launch was driven by customer demand.

“We’re not afraid to go first. As a group, we seek out other industry leaders who we can work with to innovate on behalf of our customers. We are looking forward to our guests being able to choose an alternative, innovative way to pay for dining out at our pubs.”

From November 15, ‘Dine Now, Pay Later’ will be available at establishments including The Imperial Hotel, College Lawn and Kewpie, which rises from the ashes of Brunswick Street's erstwhile $5 pizza pub, Bimbo, Monday 8 November. 

“Our customers have been clear. We know what they want, and we’re happy to offer them more flexibility, especially as they shift away from credit cards,” Waterson said.

By Tyler Wright

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